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182/83 B, Nagala Park

Kolhapur MH INDIA

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Rehabilitation Center

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Rehabilitation Center

After brain surgery, it will take time for the patient to return to his daily life. While the brain is able to heal itself, it is a slow process that varies greatly from patient to patient. This healing process depends upon surgical procedure done, location and area of brain / Spine injury, patient’s age and health. Depending on the nature of disorder and because of surgical procedure carried out , brain temporarily loses some of its function. In order to regain these lost functionalities proper rehabilitation is necessary for the patients. In WIINS we have dedicated neurophysiotherapy lab for this rehabilitation process.

Rehabilitation Center Features

It is equipped with Kynapsis and unweighing system which uses computer and gaming technologies for better patient involvement.
High end technology used here causes engagement of all concerned muscle groups leading to the speedy rehabilitation of patients.
Lab is monitored by well qualified and trained staff who provide expert care for

Success is at the Heart of WIINS and We Take it Seriously.

Our work and success is because of the highly expert and skilled doctors, utmost care taken of the patient, smart use of the latest equipment and technology in the procedures and our patient care centric approach.

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