WIINS is a superspeciality hospital for Neurosurgery, Neurology & Psychosurgery; equipped with at the edge technology of Neuro Navigation and high-tech NeuroCathLab.

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182/83 B, Nagala Park, Kolhapur, MH INDIA.

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182/83 B, Nagala Park

Kolhapur MH INDIA

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WIINS is surrounded by 3 acres of lush green, scenic garden with fountains.

  • Greenery of the garden enhances the healing ambience of the hospital.
  • Pleasant soothing environment reduces patients’ stress & speeds the recovery.
  • Garden encourages healthy choices, facilitate relaxation and create opportunities for therapy.

Our garden is awarded by ‘Garden of the Year’ Award for 2016 by Garden of India Society.

WIINS is surrounded by the scenic garden which exemplifies its natural beauty. The soothing sound of natural fountain enhances the healing energy pattern of ambience.

Success is at the Heart of WIINS and We Take it Seriously.

Our work and success is because of the highly expert and skilled doctors, utmost care taken of the patient, smart use of the latest equipment and technology in the procedures and our patient care centric approach.

Trigeminal Neuralgia Cases
Neuro Navigation Surgeries
Total Surgeries Performed
Neuro & Polytrauma Cases