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182/83 B, Nagala Park, Kolhapur, MH INDIA.

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182/83 B, Nagala Park

Kolhapur MH INDIA

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Dr. Sagar Jambilkar


Junior Residency General Surgery ( May 2008-Aug2011)

I finished my 3 years residency in General Surgery at Government Medical College, Nagpur which is one of the largest and most renowned tertiary care hospitals in Maharashtra. It is 1000 bedded multispecialty hospital treating about 1.5 million out-patients and 50,000 in—patients annually. During these 3 years, I was actively involved in patient care management, and independently performed surgeries like Appendectomy, Groin Hernia Repair, Repair Of Incisional Hernia, Resection Anastomosis, Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy, Gastrostomy, Modified Radical Mastectomy and Thyroidectomy to name a few. I also assisted complex surgeries like bilioenteric anastomosis, transthoracic esophagectomy, anterior colonic resection, and gastrostomy. I was involved in teaching undergraduates the basics of general surgery. I was actively involved in presenting monthly departmental seminars, case presentations and in weekly teaching rounds.

Senior Residency, Bombay Hospital, Mumbai (Aug 2011 – Aug 2014)

During this first year of Neurosurgery residency, l was involved in presenting clinical rounds every day, inpatient care, preclinical workup of neurosurgical patients. I was also trained extensively in neurosurgical intensive care unit to monitor postoperative as well as critically ill patients, including ventilator management. I acquired essential and basic neurosurgical skills like history taking, detailed neurological examination, interpreting neuroimaging and coordinating with other departments like neuroanaesthesia, ENT, orthopaedics and pediatrics. l assisted my seniors in arranging departmental educational meeting. In later years, I was more actively involved in surgeries. During this year I learnt about deciding the type of craniotomy, approach, positioning and some special pre-operative preparations like Lumbar drain based on the imaging study. I also became more confident in putting a differential diagnosis based on patient data and imaging. I grew academically and in my operative skills. I assisted a variety of neurosurgical procedures including cerebrovascular, spine instrumentation, spinal tumors, skull base, minimally invasive and functional neurosurgery. With experience, my surgical responsibilities increased proportionately and l was assigned independent surgeries more often. I was well trained in basic neurosurgical procedures like stereotactic and navigation guided biopsies, ventriculoperitoneal sh_unts, surface gligmas, meningioma’s, endoscopic thirgl gentriculostomy, laminggtomy etc. I also got to do Neurongvigatign guided biopsies under supervion and later on independently. A continuous exposure as first assistant in all the endoscopic procedures helped me in improving my hand eye co- ordination. During this period I was actively involved in teaching of junior residents, para clinical staff and undergraduate staff.l was involved bimonthly tumour board meetings and annual research meetings.

Neuro—Trauma and Neurocritical Care

Internship, BJ Medical Collage, pune(Feb 2007 2008)

Junior Resident, Department of Genral Surgery, Govt Medical Collage and hospital, Nagpur(May 2008 to Aug 2011)

Seninor Resident, Department of Nurosurgery, Bombay Hospital and Institute of Medical Scinces(Aug 2011 to Aug 2014)

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182/183 B, NAGALA PARK

Kolhapur, 416 002, MH INDIA

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